Autumn Harvest Moebius Scarf Addenda




This sheet is provided to help illustrate a few of the steps in the knitting the Autumn Harvest Möbius Scarf that have proved troublesome for some knitters. 

Some of these photos may seem a little awkward to some, but I am a left handed knitter.  Hopefully it will be easy for you to make the transition for right handed knitters.

I have placed this addenda in a PDF document for convenient downloading and printing.  It can be found here .


Step 1

This shows all the stitches cast on the large needle.


Step 2

Pay attention to the working end.  The end attached to the balls of yard is the working end.  This is the end you will transfer / slip the first and all odd number stitches onto the larger needle and the second and all even number stitches onto the smaller needle.




Step 3

You will hold the two needles (one larger and one smaller) close together in one hand. 


Then, bring the other end of the larger needle with all the stitches up in between the two needles.  Then literally just pass the stitches one at a time.  Pass the first stitch onto the larger and next one onto the smaller.  Repeat until you have slipped all the stitches.


There is NO Knitting or Purling:  just slipping stitches for a whole row.  This is a setup row.




I find it easier if I hold the needles this close together.


Be sure to use your finger to hold the stitches.  They will SLIP all by themselves!

Notice how you are working with the points of the needle, so as not to stretch out the stitches.
When you stop to slide the stitches down the two needles you can also check your work.

This picture shows how things should look after you have slipped all the stitches.

Lay it out straight – make sure that the cables of your needles are not crossed!

Put the row marker on the working end of the large needle.

You are now ready to begin row 1.

You begin by bringing the “Beginning Point” up to the “Working End”. Be careful NOT to twist the cables. Start with the “Beginning Point” of the small needle only Purling all the previous slipped stitches of the small needle onto the large needle with the Row Marker and “working end” of yarn.


The awkward part of starting to purl row 1 is having the large needle you are not using at the moment in the way.

I capped mine off and pushed it in front of my finger to illustrate what I am talking about.

I am fortunate enough to have needles that allow me to do this but I know that everyone does not have this type of cable needle. You hold the large (non working at the moment) needle behind your finger and put it out of your way. It is awkward for a few purl stitches but it will soon be out of your way. But it is also the reason that Row 1 is “Purl the yarn is in front, extra needle in back” of the work area.



When the small needle is empty, you are still only half finished with row 1! At this point you should have the large needle right in position to continue purling the remainder of row 1. You need to finish row 1 by purling the stitches from the end of the large needle with the slipped stitches. In the picture above I need to put the needle on and continue purling. I took the needle off because it hid what I was trying to show you in the photo.

This is where many knitters make the most mistakes. Because they think they have reached the row marker, the small needle is empty and they are starting on the large needle they think that they are done and begin row 2. This is incorrect! You still need to continue to purl the rest of row 1 – the pervious slipped stitches that are on the larger needle. Please don’t make this mistake: mohair is a royal pain to “frog”!
Only half way done with the row!


Please note that the row marker is on the cable – not the needle!

Now you have finished row 1!  It is time to start row 2.
Here is how it looks after row 2 is complete. Because this is a Möbius scarf the center will continue to fill as you continue to knit the rows.
More often then not, while you are knitting this project it will look like a big knitted “blob”.

This picture is all 26 rows complete, ready for binding off.
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