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  The first time that I saw a Gouldian finch I thought it was one of the most beautiful birds that I had ever seen.  I enjoyed them at shows for several years, but was always afraid to try to keep them, having heard many stories about how difficult they were to keep and breed.  I finally took the plunge in September 2005.  As of the time of writing this page (Nov 2005) I have one clutch of 5 fledgling "Greenies", and four other pairs all sitting on clutches of eggs. 



  This male Gouldian shows several color mutations:  it has an orange head instead of a black head.  It also has a white breast.  The male''s colors are brighter and more vibrant than the female's colors.  For comparison, see the photo of the female at right.

This female gouldian also shows the red headed mutation.  It has a light purple breast and a yellow belly. 



The male (on the left) is a dilute Red Headed Purple Breasted.  The female is Purple Breasted.  The male is split to yellow back, although we didn't know it until we saw their first hatchling, pictured below:

The male (on the left) is an Orange faced, White breasted Yellow backed Gouldian pictured with an Orange faced, Purple breasted Normal Back Gouldian female.


  This is a nestling who still has not fledged.  She is a female yellow backed Gouldian approximately three weeks old.  Her parents are pictured directly above. This is a clutch of five Gouldian nestlings, about a week old.  Note the mouth markings and the nodules outside of the beaks, which are very noticeable on Gouldians. 

  This is another view of the fledgling gouldian shown in the nest above the day that it fledged.  Note that it is very different from the other fledgling gouldians, such as the one at the right.  The nodules outside of the beak are plainly visible in this photo.   This is a fledgling gouldian that is about two weeks older than the one at the left.  This one has the "normal" green color until it has its first adult molt. The nodules outside of the beak are plainly visible in this photo.  
  Right now I am breeding my first clutches of Gouldians.  I will post more photos and information as things progress. 

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