Owl Finches





Our New Arrival!

After almost one and a half years of trying, we had something wonderful happen today (November 12, 2006).  We discovered that we had a fledgling Owl Finch in our cage.  After so long without success, we had almost given up hope of ever succeeding.  Here is a picture we took today:  we will have more later. 

  I just started to attempt to breed my owl finches.  So far I have had them lay a large number of eggs but have not had much luck with them incubating the eggs.  The female stands above the eggs, but doesn't actually sit on them.  We are now working on another nest and will continue to try breeding them. 


My first pair of owl finches.


  A close up of one of my owl finches.  It is easy to see how they got their name!  It should be noted that this image is larger than life size. 

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