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  My first introduction to the society finch occurred when I was looking at a mixed cage full of finches.  I heard a very distinctive song.  After listening to them I had to have a pair.  As I learned more about them, I discovered that they had a charm all their own.  They love togetherness:  I have seen them pile one on top of another, huddling together. When one slips out of the pileup he just flies around and sits on top of the stack again. 

Soon I discovered a very interesting trait about the Society finches:  they love to be parents.  They like being parents so much that they will act as "foster parents", sitting on eggs that other birds have laid, and feeding other nestlings.  I have had to to use them as foster parents for other finches (zebras) several times when the parents abandoned their nestlings. 



  This picture shows several different types of Society Finches.  At the far left is a pied fawn.  Next is a Pied Chocolate.  Next is another Pied Fawn.  At the far right is a Grey Self. 

  This is a pair of Pied Chocolate Society Finches.  This close up of the two society finches at left shows them in their nest.  They are sharing the nest with a Gouldian female.  The Gouldians and the Societies were sharing a flight cage and everyone wanted the same nest.  I finally had to move the Gouldians to another cage.  Right now (Nov 2005) the societies are raising a clutch of several nestlings:  it looks like they are taking of at least one gouldian in addition to their own clutch. 



  The society finch at the left is a male:  my best foster parent of all.  Here he is shown with one of his fledglings which fledged about 3 days before this picture was taken. 


  Right now I am working on breeding Grey Self Society finches.  I am looking for another pair of Grey Self Society finches and another Grey Self male.  I am also breeding a Crested Chocolate Society with a Chocolate Society. 

My son Billy is also working on a line of Chocolate Pied Society Finches (which can be seen in their nest in one of the photos on this page). 


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