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  I have found that the World Wide web is an excellent source of information about finches as well as a good source for products that I have been unable to obtain locally.  I have notebooks full of pages that I have printed up for reference!  I have placed some of my favorite links on this page.

I have also learned a lot from the members of several of the finch related groups on Yahoo groups (www.yahoogroups.com)

My favorite links are presented in no particular order, below:


  •      www.efinch.com  Roy Beckham's comprehensive site loaded with information, photos, and ideas. 

  •      www.ringneckdove.com  Wilmer Lewis's comprehensive site.  Although the site name doesn't indicate anything about finches here, it is a wonderful resource for information about finches.

  •     www.nfss.org  The website of the National Finch and Softbill Society.  This site has a lot of information about finches, shows, standards, etc.  It discusses all types of finches and softbills.  It is also a place where you can order closed bands for banding your nestlings.

  •      www.zebrafinch-society.org  The website of the Zebra Finch Society USA, which is dedicated exclusive to Zebra and Society finches. 

  •     American Softbill and Finch Society  The website of the American Softbill and Finch Society.  This is a new society just starting in November 2005.

  •     http://www.northeastfinch.com/  The website of the Northeast Finch Specialty club, which specializes in Zebra, Society and Gouldian Finches.

  •     www.countryfeathers.net  The website of a distributor of good quality, inexpensive cages.  I have bought many flight cages from this site.

  •     www.ladygouldianfinch.com  A good website devoted to the Gouldian Finch.  This site also stocks many supplements and supplies for keeping and breeding finches.

  •     www.birdsupplynh.com The website for Bird Supply of New Hampshire.  This is another excellent source for many different supplies for the care and breeding of finches.

  •     www.hermanbros-seed.com  This is an excellent place to buy seed.  My birds love a mix of seed from them (see my web page on Nutrition for more information).

  •     www.chris-birdsnthings.com  This is another excellent source for supplies and supplements.

  •     www.finchconnection.com  This site has a lot of helpful hints and "how to" pictures:  how to put a leg band on a nestling, clip a finch's nails, etc.

  •     www.marigoldsfancyfinches.com  Another website which has good photos and sometimes has birds for sale. 


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