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  Status as of October 15, 2007  

Even though I breed and show finches as a hobby, I do occasionally have to part with some of them, or else our house would be completely overrun!  Availability varies, so please check back here if you want the latest information.  You can always email me as well.

My current list of available finches is as follows:


Zebra Finches

  None available right now. 

Society Finches

  None available right now. 

Gouldian Finches

  None available right now. 

Owl Finches

  None available now.
My stock at this time is very low. I won't have any birds available for several months.
  At this point we do not ship any birds, but I have met people at shows and other places to deliver some birds they wanted.  We are located North of Washington, DC, and West of Baltimore along Interstate 70 in Mount Airy, MD.  

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