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Welcome to my Finch and Softbill pages!

I hope you enjoy my finch pages.  There are many excellent, comprehensive web pages on the web about finches.  My intent in putting together these pages was to aim at giving the novice finch fancier some information.  This site is deliberately aimed at beginners.  However, I hope all will take a look and enjoy the photos on the site.


 12 August 2007:  we added a new "photo gallery" section to the website, where we will post our latest photos of birds in our flock. 

  Birds are something I have always enjoyed but I never really got involved with breeding them until about two years ago. For Valentines Day my husband gave me a pair of pied zebras. Little did he know what he was starting! I have found that owning finches is a lot like eating chocolates Ė I canít stop at just one. I am by no means an expert but I have learned and am still learning a lot about finches. I just want to share what I have learned with others. Also, I hope to encourage others to share in the joy of these wonderful birds.


The bird on the left is a normal grey zebra finch, and the one on the right is a black cheeked grey zebra finch (normally just referred to as a "black cheek").  Note the red beaks, which are another characteristic of male Zebra finches


Orange faced, White breasted Yellow backed Gouldian finch (Male) with Orange faced, Purple breasted Normal Back Gouldian finch (Female)



I have organized this site into areas for each of the different types of finches which I own or breed.  I have also provided a list of links to other sites which I have found to be very useful.

I recently started a blog:  I am not really sure how it will work with these pages and my knitting pages but I am giving it a try.  To go to my blog use this address:  http://tinascreations.kroshlfamily.net



Finch Organizations

There are many organizations and information sources dedicated to aviculture of finches and softbills.  I am a member of the following:

The NFSS sponsors finch and softbill shows throughout the United States.  Its members raise a wide variety of finches and softbills.  The ASFS is a new organization, also dedicated to varieties of finches and softbills, which is just starting to sponsor shows.  The Zebrafinch-USA Society is dedicated exclusively to Zebra and Society Finches.  The NEFSC specializes in Zebra, Society and Gouldian Finches. There are also many discussion groups about various finch breeds on the web.  I am an active member of the following groups on Yahoogroups:

  •   NFSS
  •   All About Finches
  •   Owl Finch Group
  •   Zebra Finch Group
  •   Northeast Finch Specialty Group
  •   American Softbill and Finch Society Group

A word about the pictures on our site

Unless otherwise indicated, all of the photos on this site are photos which we have taken of our birds.  These photos are copyrighted by us (Bill and Tina Kroshl) and are so marked.  We authorize private noncommercial use of these photos (you could print them out and use them yourself, if you wished), but if you intend to publish them (either on the Worldwide Web or in print) or use them for any commercial purpose we ask that you obtain our permission first.  You can reach us by email by using the "mail bird" icon at the bottom of each web page.  Thank you.


  I usually show some of my finches at the two Baltimore area bird shows with finch divisions:  The Baltimore All Canary Club Show and The Baltimore Bird Fancier's Club Show. 

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