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  This page will be the first place that we will post new photos of members of our flock.  As time goes by we shall move some of these photos onto other sections of the website, but the newest photos will be placed here first.  I have reduced these photos in size and resolution so that the page loads easily.  I keep my higher resolution photos online at our Flickr page.
  Photos Posted on Nov 19, 2007  
  Another shot of Jupiter and Sweet Pea.  They are real "hams" and love to pose! A photo of our two newest flock members:  they are about 5 -7 days old in this photo.  Both are CCFW's.
  Photos Posted on Sept 3, 2007
  One of the three finches from our latest clutch. Another one from our latest clutch.
  The last one from the new clutch:  proof positive that her father is a Black Cheek that is split to CCFW!  
  Photos posted on August 11, 2007
  One of our first crested society finches.  He is about 1 year old in this picture.  This bird's father is pictured immediately to the right. The male crested society that began our little flock of crested society finches. 
  A red headed Gouldian Finch.  An orange headed Gouldian Finch.  This picture was taken after his first adult molt.
  Another view of the orange headed Gouldian Finch above and to the right.  Although his colors are beautiful, his crooked tail effectively eliminates him from competition. This is another orange headed Gouldian.  This is his first adult molt also.  So far he is the only normal back gouldian from three clutches his father as produced.
  This gouldian is from the same clutch as the gouldian on the right in the row just above.  Perseus, our second generation Black Cheek who we just discovered is split to CCFW.  His latest clutch included a CCFW hen.
  Another view of Perseus.  This is Jupiter, who is the patriarch of our line of Chestnut Flanked white zebra finches.  He is split  RCFW & CCFW.  We currently have four generations of CCFW's that can be traced back to him.
  Another shot of Jupiter. This pair, Jupiter and Sweet Pea, were the start of my lines of Chest Flanked white zebra finches.  Sweet Pea is also split to Black Cheek:  Perseus, who was pictured previously is her son with a different male.
  This photo shows the comparison of tear drop between the male and female CFW. Another shot of Sweet Pea.  She is three years old and up until recently one of my best parents.  For some reason she has started tossing all her eggs.
  This CFW male is named Ward.  He was from Jupiter and Sweet Pea's first clutch.  His wing is tipped slightly from when his closed band got caught in the cage.  Another view of Ward.  He got is name because he and his first mate were such good parents we called them Ward and June.


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